Life & Personal Accident

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a branch of insurance whose subject is human life and which provides taking of measure against such risks that a person may encounter throughout their life, because of which it comprises many diverse types.

The objective of the life insurance is to provide financial support to the insured in the case of, say, disability of the insured, or to the legal heirs of the insured in the case of death of the insured, as a result of occurrence of any of the risks covered by the policy, in consideration of the premiums paid by the insured.

In the event of occurrence of any of the risks covered by the policy during the term of the policy, the sum insured stated on the policy will be paid to your legal heirs in the event of death or to you in the event of incurrence of any critical disease or disability.

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What Is Group Personal Life Insurance?

It is a personal accident insurance covering the employees of a business or the members of an occupational organisation or a society, so long as the number of the insured persons is not less than 10. With the Group Personal Accident Insurance, you can insure your employees against accidental death or accidental disability for one year. By this way, you can provide financial assurance to your employees and their families during their hard times.

The Group Personal Accident Insurance is a type of insurance provided against the risk of accidental death and accidental disability of the insured.

Optionally, one of the benefits of daily indemnity and medical treatment expenses, or both, can be added to the coverage.