Advantages Special to Employees

We offer discounts for Household Insurance, Motor Own Damage Insurance, Comprehensive Household Goods Insurance, Private Health and Personal Accident Insurance products of Ziraat Sigorta.

In order to benefit from any discounts, you can apply to one of the branch offices of Ziraat Bankası and Ziraat Katılım.

We provide Personal Accident Insurance up to a limit of TL5,000 free of charge.

  • With the Personal Accident Insurance providing covers for accidental death and accidental disability up to a limit of TL5,000, you have our support at all times.
  • You can also benefit from a discount of 35% for the Annual Life Insurance of Ziraat Emeklilik.
  • We also offer advantageous interest rates special to you for personal loans. We don't charge an account operation fee for your demand deposits.
  • Through extensive service campaigns launched from time to time, we offer you discounts and benefits that you will need in your daily life.